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    this poem 4 you aziz



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    this poem 4 you aziz

    مُساهمة  mirale في السبت يونيو 27, 2009 7:16 pm

    People say it is not easy to be a father
    For you to be a father was not a challenge
    It's what you were born for
    You were always a good father for us.

    When mom left us for heaven
    You stayed strong and kept her love.
    We never felt alone with you
    You loved us more than anything else.
    You protected us day and night,
    And our happiness was always yours

    Your children will always love you

    You made us stronger forever.
    We will always relfect your image.
    As you were a model parent for us
    We will be for our children.

    We know that you are in good hands of God
    And mom is taking care of you.
    I can never say enough for what you deserve
    And no one can.
    Only God will give you the best you deserve .

    There is nothing bigger than a parent's love
    There is nothing as big as you dad.
    Thank you for all
    You will always be in my heart.

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