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    I want to die



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    I want to die

    مُساهمة  mirale في السبت يونيو 27, 2009 7:07 pm

    i want to die on a rainy day.
    when the river overflows, so
    shall my life. trickling down
    the moistened earth to find
    home among cocooned seeds

    i want to die on a rainy day
    on a wednesday, middle of
    the week. only the dogs will
    sense the rapture and moving
    on will not be an affair even
    if i roam the streets naked

    i want to die on a rainy day
    lying down on a bench under
    a tree in a park somewhere
    while strangers grapple with
    umbrellas, my final breath
    shall find the greying clouds
    past dreamcatching leaves

    i want to die on a rainy day
    and i will play the guitar as
    i ebb. certainly not sunshine
    on my shoulders. definitely.

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